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Our Team

Winemakers and childhood friends Will Gondak and John Mulroy came together to form little x little wines with a vision: to produce approachable and delicious wines with minimal intervention. We're doing it our way, little by little. People often ask us, "What's up with your name?" Fair question. There are a couple of reasons we chose our name, little x little (read little by little). The fun answer is that we met in kindergarten, when we were literally little. To that point, we wanted a name that would reflect our decades-long friendship. But little x little also reflects our winemaking philosophy. We take things slowly. One step at a time. We give each stage in the winemaking process its due consideration. Importantly, that philosophy extends to life as well. Taking adversity and accomplishment each in turn. Putting one foot in front of the other until you arrive at a destination you may not have thought possible.

Will Gondak

Will Gondak has been chasing the winemaker's dream, traveling the world to make the finest wines. Experiences in Napa, Sonoma, Australia, New Zealand, France, Santa Cruz, and South Africa have broadened his view of what is possible. His wide variety of hands-on experience, coupled with winemaking and viticulture studies at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and Napa Valley College, have yielded one curious wine nerd. In his down time, Will enjoys mountain biking, surfing and exploring the nooks and crannies of California. He is looking forward to his sixteenth harvest in 2024.


John Mulroy

  John Mulroy honed his craft working under renowned winemaker Kirk Venge in Napa Valley. A jack of all trades, John worked his way through the wine industry gauntlet. When he is not in the vineyard or cellar, John enjoys cooking for friends, mountain biking, and hiking with his dog Poppy. Most notably he was the third grade tetherball champion (eat it Will). 2024 will be his ninth harvest.